Review of a fellow Blogger

This post will be different from what I normally post on my blog. Since I have been on WordPress I’ve started to get into reading other peoples content. My interest in coffee has lead me to find some amazing blogs that cover similar material. I find it really interesting that people do the same thing I’m doing in different areas across the world. One I have I will covering in particular is Japiurs Food Guide.

Here is a screenshot of his blog

I really like this blog to the similar format we share. It also came to my attention that his blog is based in India which I thought was really cool. He mentions that he used to cover tea but now coffee has a spike of popularity. His criteria when listing the coffee shop does differ from mine. I tend to get more specific when rating a shop and he tends be more general.

He uses more visual aids than I do which to me makes up for the lack of depth. Giving multiple views of the coffee and the shop itself. I feel if he added more about the coffee expanded more on it would elevate his material. Overall I really think the blog hits the nail on the head and if you’re interested follow the link here.

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